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145 Saint Pierre Street

Strategic location in the heart of Old Montreal

145 St-Pierre Street
Old Montreal, Quebec,
H2Y 2L6

This building historic character is highly praised in Montral. 2 large spaces are currently available offering great light and freedom of development for a pleasant working atmosphere.

  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • 2 commercial floors
  • 3 residential floors
145 Saint Pierre Street
Year built
Total area
32,879 sq. ft
Number of floors
Area per floor
16,434 sq. ft
Historical Name
Shops and Warehouse of the Grey Nuns and the Cours de Callières
Original Owner
Grey Nuns
Michel Laurent

Once owned by the Grey Nuns this building was built under the supervision of the architect Michel Laurent, composed if 11 warehouse- store type divisions. For almost a century the building was occupied by numerous tenants working in several fields of activities. In 1977 the Canadian Mortgage and housing Corporation (CMHC) bought acquired the building and sold it in 1981 to a private promoter who immediately undertook its update. Today these three historic buildings which once belonged to the Grey Nuns, formerly warehouse stores, are presently occupied by residential condominiums on the top levels and business premises on the first and second floors. Equipped with immense arch shaped windows, a vast rear courtyard and decorative stone and brick interior, this building situated on Saint-Pierre Street is the envy of all for its inestimable architectural characteristics.

Nick Nesterenko

Real Estate and Leasing Director
Phone: 514 281-4040 ext. 2229
Mobile: 514 809-1960

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